Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fashion Bags throughout the Season

By: Charles Fitzgerald

A perfect fashion bag is not only beautifully designed and crafted but
a perfect 
accessory for providing seasonal themes and color. Whilst
most people will own the classic business fashion bag in the more
traditional colors of black and tans, others will use their well-loved
accessory to keep up with the season’s colors.

Experimenting with color is the perfect way to keep your wardrobe
up to date and your fashion bags can be paired with a simple black
outfit that really lets your fashion bag do the talking. Whether you
are a tote fan or an over the shoulder bag lover there is no excuse
for not experimenting with colors. 

With so many designers offering bespoke service you will often be
able to customize the color to suit your wardrobe. If you need to be
inspired then have a look at the Miu Miu Kaleidoscope range with
its bold colors and pastels which are sure to be the perfect addition
for future seasons.

Keeping up with color

Watching out for future trends is one way to stay ahead when it
comes to choosing your seasonal bag. With plenty of resources on
the internet and videos showing the latest fashion trends it is
relatively easy to mix and match your bags to your outfit.

Watching the season’s catwalks can give you a good insight as to
what will be coming up in the following seasons. This autumn and
winter we are going to be inspired by Winter Whites which can
work for your accessory in two ways. Pairing your white fashion
bag with a block colored outfit can make your accessory a very hot
one or if you are going for a Winter White ensemble then an accent
color for your accessory would be eye-catching.

Salvatore Ferragamos’ Small hobo in white would be perfect for
those looking to invest in a winter white bag. Those that want to
experiment with different colours can warm up their autumn and
winter wardrobe with hot colours including beautiful reds, patents
and prints.

Other autumn & winter trends

Another theme for your fashion bag this winter can be seen with
Burberrys Icon Bags collection. This is a really tactile theme and
inspired by vintage luggage.

Expect lots of detailing, polished locks and painted edges. And for
those that like to wear their hearts on their sleeves then The Crush
collection features heart shaped designs in a range of fabrics. Jimmy
Choo bags are always available in various colors and finishes but the
Ally range uses geometric design with color blocks or patterned
sections to make an eye popping accessory.

For Valentino we are seeing a range of colors for autumn winter but
included on the bags are romantic scrolls giving a really classical
texture to your fashion bag. Other inspirations include studded bags
in a range of colors and perfect for pairing up with studded shoes .

Don’t forget to make your fashion bag your own, love it, wear it and
in turn it will carry on complimenting you for years to come.

About the author

Charles Fitzgerald is breaking new ground; he is the proud owner of
The Kewl Shop, a place to find things you really want. 


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